Vanda orchid

Vanda Orchids Care Guide

Vanda orchids care instructions and culture tips

Temperature Warm, between 55 - 95 F (12 - 32 C)
Light Partial Shaded light to Bright light
Humidity 60-80 %
Ventilation A slight draught of air
Watering Keep them moist. Don't over water them
Fertilization Once a week. Balanced formula (20-20-20)

In general, most orchids of the genus Vanda need a warm environment to develop optimally. However, some species of this genus, such as Vanda coerulea Lindl. need lower temperatures, especially at night, in order to vegetate and flower well.

Vanda orchids are grown in baskets of varying size, with or without pieces of charcoal and bark. They can also be grown in pots of a size proportional to the size of the roots, with charcoal and bark substrate, in large pieces.

Vanda should not be repotted frequently. Thick roots that are cut or broken during this operation will easily rot and, in addition, for the plant to flower abundantly, it needs a well-developed root system.

If the plant is too tall or has lost some leaves at the bottom, it is advisable to divide it in two: the apical part with a certain number of roots, better if they are not too long, can be planted out, taking care not to damage the roots; the basal part can remain in the old container, and with a normal growing regime, in a few months it will send out side shoots which, once they have grown sufficiently, can be divided.

During the repotting operation, it is advisable to soak the roots in clean water for several minutes, in order to give them flexibility and prevent them from breaking.

For plants grown in baskets, which cannot be removed from the container without damaging the root system, it is advisable, at the time of repotting, to place them in a larger basket after removing the dead roots.

It is advisable to tie the stem of the Vanda to a stake and keep the plants hanging in the basket before resting them on tables or flat surfaces, in order to prevent the roots from growing rapidly and adhering abundantly.

Watering should be regular throughout the year; in the warmer period, particularly basket-grown plants, they benefit from frequent sprays of water. Most of these plants prefer very bright light (not direct sun) which is barely veiled by shading nets or tinted glass.

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